Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wrigley's not bad...

...but Fenway is still the best. I finally got to Chicago this past weekend. The White Sox weren't in town, but the Cubs were -- against the arch-rival Cardinals, no less -- so I was very much looking forward to my first visit to Wrigley. Carpenter vs. Harden made it even better.

It was...OK.

Of course you gotta love the ivy. The old-school scoreboard is nice aesthetically, but I did find myself wanting more information than I was getting. The charm of the apartments overlooking the stadium from Waveland and Sheffield is almost entirely gone, since commercial interests figured out that they could renovate, put up stands, and charge money. Almost every building has a shiny new set of stands atop it, and several have stands indoors as well. Ugly. Bleccch.

I was also mildly disappointed in the atmosphere. Maybe it was because the Cubs were losing, but there wasn't quite as much electricity in the stadium as I'd hoped. Cubs fans just don't seem as worked up about the Cardinals as Sox fans are about the Yankees.

In fairness, it's just one data point. And I do like Wrigley -- I'd slot it in around 5th or 6th on that previous list. But Fenway's still the best.

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