Sunday, June 6, 2010

Joyce had it right!

Wowwww. In my last post I complained that everyone had thrown Jim Joyce under the bus when he made an understandable mistake in the near-perfect game of Armando Galarraga. But this evening, for the first time, I saw the replay from the right angle in real time. Most of the real-time replays have obscured Galarraga's mitt behind his body. And the slow-motion shots that showed him snow-coning the ball also made it look as though he'd held it long enough for it to be an out. But watching it in real time, I now think it was a good old-fashioned bobble. Runner safe!

Maybe that's just me. But it's honestly what it looked like to me, and it absolutely deserved discussion. We didn't get that. In their haste to jump on the bandwagon, the baseball media seems not to want to discuss it. Could they at least have considered the issue, and allowed viewers to decide for themselves whether it was or wasn't a bobble? Nope. They continue to pretend that it never existed.

And I think this explains why Galarraga didn't argue, not his purported good nature. He was aware he'd bobbled it. But he, like everyone else, was content to let Joyce be demonized. Everyone is acting like Galarraga is nobility personified. But now I think just the opposite.


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